August 31, 2012
Review - Was bleibt

What happens when bourgeois families congregate in arthouse films? Crisis! Such is the case in Was bleibt, except with the customary fireworks replaced by passive aggression and bitter rancour.

All the elements for a good film are there: a convincing script, strong performances – Corinna Harfouch and Lars Eidinger as the mother and elder son are particularly noteworthy – and solid direction and cinematography. And yet, though there’s nothing bad about it, there isn’t anything particularly good either, resulting in a well-executed but bland and ultimately redundant rehash of truisms as old as the bourgeoisie itself.

Was bleibt (E: Home for the Weekend) | Directed by Hans-Christian Schmid (Germany 2012) with Lars Eidinger, Corinna Harfouch, Sebastian Zimmler. Opens September 6.

Originally published in the September 2012 issue of Exberliner

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